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 A | Prehistory

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PostSubject: A | Prehistory   Sun May 07, 2017 10:58 pm

In the Early Days, Elagacir walked alone in the Grove of Wonder. In the absence of company, He created a plane filled with a plethora of planets and other celestial bodies. He focused on many planets, one being Gealga. On Gealga, he filled the lands with lush green lands, harsh mountains, snowy wastelands, and more. He adorned its opulent lands with a variety of creatures and landscapes.

Before the days of Man, God ruled the world. Free of governing mankind, He spent countless years sculpting his beloved creation and adorning it with wildlife and natural wonders. Out of pure curiosity He one day spread the seed of Man, giving his new world an abundance of both culture and terror.

In the Northlands He made Yldirians, a kind more adept at handling the cold and thriving in its conditions. He gave them gift of Siel, a powerful force used to fight off fiends and improve their quality of living.
To the south on the continent of Dewgard held the people of Fire, the Furions. A simple kind that lived off the land and could manipulate the fire element.
Adjacent to the Furions lived the Zemmenians, secluded on an island to bask in the abundance of fish that dwelt nearby that He gifted upon them.
To the west were the Kubarons and Lamora, separated by two landmasses so that they could live in peace without the other. He gave the Lamora the gift of Helus, a Siel derivative of the power of the sun, and gave the Kubarons the ability to gain power from the moon, which they called Eder.
And throughout the lands, Man was scattered throughout Highgard to the east, Dewgard to the south, and throughout various islands in the world. It was Elagacir's vision to keep every race separated and to live and prosper in their designated regions. It was the defiance of this principle accompanied by the industrialization of Drakkard that led to Oshilderin's departure.

When the races were created, God gave Oshilderin governance throughout the lands, and made Drakkard his home. Drakkard was abundant in dragons and other untamed creatures. When Man migrated to Drakkard, they were met with very little resistance, and Oshilderin opened his home to them. In exchange for sanctuary he asked that his land not be tainted by technology or science.
Of course, over time, Man overstepped his bounds and began toying with inventions, researching medicine, and turning Drakkard into the likes of what Oshilderin despised. After given many chances to step away from the progress he made, Man persisted; and that is when Oshilderin left his holy land on Gealga and left man to his devices.

- Mehai Mihandrui, Dalbastion Scholar (c. 217)
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A | Prehistory
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