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PostSubject: Prehistory   Sun May 07, 2017 11:58 pm

Before the days of Man, God ruled the world. Free of governing mankind He spent countless years sculpting his beloved creation and adorning it with wildlife and natural wonders. Out of pure curiosity He one day spread the seed of Man, giving his new world an abundance of both culture and terror.

In the Northlands he made Yldirians, ones more adept at handling the cold and thriving in its conditions.
To the south on the continent of held the people of Fir, the Firions.
Adjacent to the Firions lived the Zemmenians, secluded on an island to bask in the abundance of fish that dwelt nearby.
And throughout the lands, Man was scattered. It was Oshilderin's vision to keep every race separated and to live and prosper in their designated regions. It was the defiance of this principle that led to His departure.
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