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 The Cypheria League Chain of Command

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PostSubject: The Cypheria League Chain of Command   Mon May 22, 2017 4:38 pm

LiGore - President; as the Premier of the newly reformed Cypheria Government​, LiGore holds the highest position and has the most authority. A born resident of Xefia with Yland heritage, he relocated to Cypheria to assume his new prestigious position while starved of power. Being previously on the Xefian Council, his experience leading a city secured his position within Cypheria.

Faustis - Head Executive; General; a loyal clansman from Judhai, Faustis holds the highest position in office behind LiGore. He sees to orders being fulfilled as well as operating covert missions as the leader of the Cypheria Blacks.

Yehuda - Brigade Commander; Colonel; LiGore's right-hand man and also the head of the Corps. Siren applications must go through Yehuda before they're accepted. Being a Ylander he is naturally loyal to his people but is also loyal to Cypheria as well. It is said that he prioritizes LiGore over the League and city itself.

Galicia - Captain of Sirens; Major; being the only G Class Siren, a rank reserved for Generals, he is a sadistic but devoted member of The Cypheria Sirens. Coming from The Northlands he endured harsh conditions and is shy of compassion. With his lack of empathy, he makes up in loyalty. With nearly unmatched strength, it's theorized he possesses superhuman power unpossessed by the aid of Siels or genetic alterations.

Altercauss - S Class Siren; Captain; a native Ylander, he traveled to Cypheria to join the Sirens in hopes to create a better and safer world for his town and his people. He is renown as being the strongest Siren in the League, and is a First Lieutenant S Class Siren. He is also the "poster child" for Cypheria and is what many young men strive to be.

Kelse - Remote Brigade Commander; Captain; a native from Budhai, Kelse is a Siren dropout and a well-trained swordsman stationed in Highgard. He is in charge of remote outposts and all Corps battalions not in Drakkard.

Sybris - Charlie Company Commander; First Lieutenant; the only leading female officer in the Corps, she takes after the Oracle role and specializes in Siels. As an active instructor within the Academy, her attention mostly focuses on honing the skills of Siel users and prepares them for combat.

Thom - Bravo Company Commander; First Lieutenant; a Judge,

Mathiu - Alpha Company Commander; First Lieutenant; a stern commander from Northern Shore who leads the most devoted and efficient company in the Corps. Having a rough and personal past with people from Judhai and Budhai, he is tribal and very adamant about keeping Cypheria as non-diverse as possible. Despises anyone from oriental locations, such as Judhai, Budhai, and Hohorubu, anyone with less-than-fair complexion such as those born in District:Akkad, Rule, etc, and especially subhumans or derivatives (mixed races) such as Furions, Zemmenians, Gorracks, etc, but pardons Ylanders.

Chause - Paramilitary Commander; First Lieutenant; previous Bravo-to-Alpha MP. Striving to become a Cypherian Black, he settled for a position high within the ranks of the paramilitary. Hailing from Gozul, Chause is a farm boy used to the country. He moved to Cypheria at 16, leaving his mother behind in Gozul to provide for her.

Lydia - MP Commander; Second Lieutenant; as head of the MP squad-

Dominicus - Charlie Company Second Lieutenant; under Sybris's command, he trains Watchmen and his profession is swordsmanship.
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The Cypheria League Chain of Command
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