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 Northland Liberation Chain of Command

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PostSubject: Northland Liberation Chain of Command   Mon May 22, 2017 6:34 pm

Ransom - NL Leader; A man who stops at nothing, Ransom has been leading NL since the death of its creator, Pompeii. Ransom grew up in a house just north of Choma and is familiar with the area.

Lian -

Vaga -

Purghurst - Second-In-Command;

Harodice - Third-In-Command;

Prophet - Impulse Elite Commander;

Micheal - S. Elite Commander;

Rodrick -

Lethal - Senior S. Elite; a loyal S. Elite that has been with Ransom, Lian, and Vega since the beginning.

Amarcatune - Informant/ Diplomat; a Choma native, Amarcatune currently resides in Cypheria as an informant.

Uenny - Team Tornado Commander; As the leader of Tornado Team, Uenny orchestrates all clandestine
kidnappings, and tortures.

Shiro - Team Blackstar Commander; As the leader of Blackstar Team, Shiro and his subordinates patrol the streets and survey surrounding areas. They do patrols within Cypheria to alert all comrades on the COM.

Leroy - Team Ignis Commander; As the leader of Ignis Team, Leroy executes all covert missions and raids. Ignis, being the team behind all infiltrations, specializes in its utilization of heavy armor and artillery.

Rolsyth - Tyro Commander;

Chause - /???/

Harper -

Abigail -

Jeanne - Engineer; as one of the engineers that build Northland Liberation's airship, Jeanne is an official member of NL but tags along for the ride. An adventurer at heart, she travels with them and goes with them on any stops they make. When she is not adventuring or eating, she's upgrading her airship.

Winger - Engineer; alongside Jeanne, Winger is an official member of NL and tags along with her as well as for the free food.
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Northland Liberation Chain of Command
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