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 The Continent of Drakkard

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PostSubject: The Continent of Drakkard   Tue May 23, 2017 4:28 pm

Cypheria is nestled in the center of the continent of Drakkard, in the northern hemisphere of the planet.  Even though Drakkard was once hailed as God's land and he commanded man not to industrialize the land, Man couldn't resist.  They broke this command and started industrializing.  Cypheria was built during and because of this.  Cypheria, in the span of the world, is very young.  The actual civilization of humans in the region is ancient, but the city of Cypheria is only approximately 300 years old.

Due to the young age of Cypheria, they are technically far behind the industrialization game.  The other continents have already made strides in technological advancement and rely heavily on it.  This delayed advancement, however, left Cypherians with different priorities.  Whereas Highgardians (Eastern Continent) have been developing their technologies for so long that they have polished off highly developed Mechawarrior suits among other very advanced pneumatics, usable nuclear transport and powerful weapons.

Cypheria has only just begun producing engines on vehicles using loud and large steam engines, but have very much so found that nuclear energy is an achieveable standard. They power their city using a rudimentary nuclear fission plant, however they are able to power the entire city from its power. Many people fear for the safety of the occupants because of chance of major meltdown and everyone's overwhelming dependency on the electricity in the city.

Because of the very risque nature of the industrialization on Drakkard, because of God's wishes and the rudimentary nature of it, there is opposition in a moral sense. Many smaller villages and rural cities have expressed stark opposition of Cypheria's efforts to industrialize Drakkard. There are train stations and tracks that the Cypherian League has had installed from the coastline to the southeast and to the northeast to Odessa. The League has to deal with nearly daily attempts to have these dismantled by these oppositions.

There are some major geographical issues with travel currently in the region. The presence of the numerous smaller outcropping villages and farms has pushed the League to build only up to the nearby villages. This forces the league to interact with many of the opposition on a daily basis. These villages have been offered free electricity, financial relief as well as land other than that which they already have but they won't take it.
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The Continent of Drakkard
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