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 Corvus. Lupus. Caedes. | Rain Lumakord | The Cypheria League

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PostSubject: Corvus. Lupus. Caedes. | Rain Lumakord | The Cypheria League   Tue May 30, 2017 6:51 pm

Corvus. Lupus. Caedes.

Chapter 1
I woke up to a loud bang. As my eyes focused on the luminescent light fixtures we had set up, I was greeted by a bellowing superior. Before I could make out what he was saying I got an elbow jab in my ribs as I rose from my cot. With one hand already occupying my sleepy face, I slapped the kid on the back of the head. A bold move by me, considering I was just an initiate.
He let out an exaggerated “oof!” before complaining with a raspy and high-pitched tone.
“Dude, come on! I didn’t hit you that ha-“
His retort was quickly interrupted by a leathered smack to the face. His long snow white snapped back with his head and it looked as if I were seeing it in slow motion.
“Don't interrupt me” barked the superior. Without skipping a beat he continued with his monologue, the one I hadn’t understood up to this point.
“After our patrol we’re going to hit the tower head-on. We aren’t going to infiltrate; that’s Ignis Team’s job. We’re going to confuse them and lure out one of their officers, to the point of vulnerability, and we’ll snatch them and bring them back here”
I looked up at the man, pacing from left to right with his arms in parade rest style. He was dressed in royal blue with a short-sleeved overcoat draping just below his knees, almost where his clunky steel-plated boots started.
He wasn’t adorned with medals or insignias or any celebratory reminders. No. That’s not what NL was about. He was adorned with a slash on his shoulder by his spaulder and a dusty coattail.  No sign of an inflated ego and his confidence was warranted and justified. This man was a Sapphire Elite, and seemingly rightfully earned.
I looked around and my fellow Tyros were dressing themselves with their hoods and midnight black jumpsuits. I followed their lead and did the same.
“I want to see every single one of you contributing today. You’re going to get that rush; your mouth will go dry and all you’ll hear is your heartbeat pounding to the rhythm of your blade swings, but rest assured that I’ll be by your side to protect you”
By the time I had gotten to strapping on my boots my peers were already fastening their gloves – some even assisting those next to them with the task of buckling them.
The man started handing out small burlap sacks to each initiate in the room. We were all new aside from Lethal, one of the veterans in Northland Liberation. He stood against the wall behind me. I turned to face him and he was already staring at me.
My blood had run cold. As my gaze met his I was petrified. I began to hear a deafening ring in my ear. The inaudible mumbles from the rest of our cause went from a monotonic whir to a piercing screech.
His eyes, a ruby red, stared emotionless at me but had enough strength to suck me in and captivate me. He went from giving me a stone cold glare to… was he smiling at me? With his eyes!!? He looked like a madman; cruel and wicked to the core. Aside from his devotion to his homeland and family, it was evident that he was here for more reasons than just loyalty. There were rumors that Lethal was more sadistic than our leader, and he used that to his advantage when it came to overpowering his adversaries.
I finally mustered the strength to swallow and the moment that seemed like forever finally passed and I shook my head to ensure reality and let it sink back in.
“Isn’t that freaky?” Laiken, the Tyro with the snow white hair whispered. My sense of hearing had caught up with me and his mumbled voice started making sense again.
“What?” I mouthed
“Do you think it’ll ever get to that point? What if we’re captured?” he whispered
By this time I was awake and alert. I begrudgingly glanced back over at Lethal and saw him solemnly staring at the floor, as if the previous minute and a half had been non-existent. I gave Laiken a wince and a cant of the head to silently signal a reiteration.
“Cyanide pills, man”
He could barely sit still. He was hyperactive enough as it was but this burden sat with uneasiness atop his furrowed brow.
Cyanide pills, I thought, as the superior dropped a sack and it landed firmly in my palm. I took a peek inside by poking my finger through the opening tied shut by tiny drawstrings. Two white tablets. Two little simple white tablets that could take the lives of two able-bodied living beings (or maybe one Gorrack) with memories as vivid as mine and the next. I tied the sack back tight and averted my attention back to the pacing Sapphire Elite.
“Do as you're told, fight as you were trained, and look out for each other and you’ll come back home alive to a decent meal and a… wait, sorry; your beds will  still be cold” he continued. The room erupted with tired and taxing laughs that echoed throughout the underground waterway we had claimed for ourselves.
I scanned the room and everybody was grabbing their weapons and preparing themselves for the raid ahead. Laiken was strapping his bladed knuckles to his wrists and stretching his legs. His hair laid on each pauldron and draped past his hooded indigo cowl. I analyzed everyone's weapons and felt terribly insecure about my own. I looked down at the hilt, the only part of exposed as the rest was tucked beneath my cot that laid on the cold concrete floor. I knelt down to pick it up and as I looked at it with disappointment, it was snatched from my open hands and tossed against the wall. I heard the cheap and untrustworthy steel clang and echo before averting my eyes to the man in front of me and standing back up.
“Rodrick” the Sapphire Elite said, as he handed me a saber made of what looked like obsidian. I nodded in acknowledgement. I needn’t reciprocate with my own name, seeing as he is commanding us tonight and I’m almost certain he learned our names before coming.
“Uetherite” he continued, giving me reassurance. “it’ll keep you alive tonight, unlike that junky piece of tin foil you have there” The mocking was getting to me, but it quickly ended when we all started to sign up single file.
Laiken stood behind me, and I a short fellow with messy chestnut brown hair. Sandwiched between two lanky boys who both couldn’t be any older than seventeen, I finally felt the pressure. I nosily peered at the others; some proudly standing at attention, some trembling like autumn leaves. They were just boys, and used for a cause that had already outlived their entire lifetimes. There were about fourteen of us.
This is what I gave up my life for. My job at the pharmacy, my friends back home in Choma, my future as a doctor; all for naught for the sake of fighting off the industrialization of our beloved homeland.
The boy in front of me softly whispered, “I don’t even want to be here. I can’t fight. I don’t even know why I was recruited” he gulped, pulled on his collar, and looked straight ahead. “I barely passed the preliminaries”
He slumped again and dropped his head.
“This is more than just a fellowship. This is a risk”
“You’re right,” I added “but if you walked out now you’d look like a coward. You’d be walking out on everybody in here”
“You make a good point,” he answered “I’m Nudge”
Before I could reciprocate I was interrupted by a slap on my pauldron
We erupted from the manhole like a mischief of rats, but clandestine enough to go unnoticed in the dimly lit Cypherian alleyway. Smoke billowed from the pipes hugging the brick walls beside us, camouflaging our shadowed selves. The nightlife in the city never seemed to die down so going through the streets unnoticed was going to be a task.
The night air was sharp and accentuated by the various smells coming from the populated bazaar behind us. We hurried past into the tunnels in District 1 single file and clung to the walls to remain hidden. Rodrick led us, and Lethal tailed behind. I glanced behind the troop and saw him pacing approximately 50 yards behind. He wasn’t taking any precautions; he was just walking around like nothing was happening! His shoulders swung as he bounced on the pavement with his hands in his pockets. I figured hiding in plain sight was the wisest choice, considering there was a group of shady cloaked characters half a block up from him.
My palms sweated onto my leather gloves and my fingers almost felt frozen. The sword felt like it was slipping from my grasp because I couldn’t get a good grip on it, no matter how well balanced and forged it was. Why did he trust me with a sword like this anyways? My sword alone was better than any of the other initiates’ weapons. He could have at least left it in the hands of someone more competent and willing.
Rodrick took a key from his front pocket it and placed it within a padlock keeping a utility room door secured in an abandoned corner in the tunnels. It clinked and fell to the ground. He kicked it aside and motioned us all inside.
It was almost pitch black and reasonably warmer than the tunnels. Quieter too. I could hear the rapid breathing of the Tyros through their cowls over the stamping of their boots. We slid behind some pipes and electrical boxes to reach a leader leading to a roof access.
It seemed to stretch for miles, but in actuality the climb was only approximately 200 feet and a seven minute venture with the nervous youth struggling to ascend to what could possibly be their imminent demise.
On the way up Rodrick spoke up,
“We have another team doing a patrol right now. We’re moving in too large of a group to do it ourselves. We have a bigger task for you all but don’t be nervous. I surveyed the area an hour ago and they have new recruits posted for guard duty at the moment”
The top was considerably colder as a naked doorframe took in the gusty winds above. I stood against a module. It radiated heat that gave life back to my frozen fingers and my will to survive. While still frightened, I was determined to succeed in my first raid.
I looked to my left, observing Rodrick. Not an ounce of fear emanated from him; only contemplation. He drew one quick breath and without looking behind him he muttered, “Don't be afraid to take a couple lives tonight”
He drew the great sword from the sheath on his back and carefully stepped off the ledge, falling a good 15 feet before landing on the plaza ground. Immediately I heard gunshots. It went without saying that we were to follow.
One by one we descended onto the tiled pavement. I was the fifth to land. I rolled once I hit the ground and strafed left until I could scan my surroundings with some sense of security. The plaza was illuminated by the four large lights bolted on the tower, and the air was clearer at this altitude.
As far as I could tell there were only seven on duty MP's. At this time of night the plaza and lobby were off limits to the public, so there wasn't much need for surveillance or guarding. Or so they thought.
I returned to my deafened state. Gunshots and the clanging of steel on steel faded into a hum; I was frozen. We greatly outnumbered them but they had automatic firearms. I saw three cloaked figures slump to the ground and lay flat on their faces. That could have been me. It could still be me. But I won’t allow that to happen.
One MP was opening fire on my comrades when I saw Laiken come from behind him and stabbing through his throat. As he removed the blades blood stained the pavement crimson. It fountained in front of the MP and he fell to his knees, eyes wide with terrorized expressions cycling on the young man’s face. He couldn’t have been older than his mid-twenties, and now he kneels there gurgling the very thing that kept him alive. Laiken look surprised, proud, and horrified all at once. I wouldn’t doubt that was the first man he had killed. He got his first taste of blood.
I looked around and didn’t see Lethal. What a fucking coward. He abandoned us. He left us to fend for ourselves while he sat back and stayed safe. I clenched my jaw but was quickly distracted by a yelping noise. I jolted to my right and saw an MP holding the boy by his cowl and had it wrapped around his fist. His other hand held a submachine gun to the back of his head. The boy looked terrified. As he flailed about his eyes met mine and he reached in his pocket in a panic. One hand was tugging at his collar so he could breathe and the other fumbled in his pocket. Did he bring a knife? No. He brought his hand out and quickly reached inside the satchel. He was being tugged into the tower when he brought out a white pill and hurriedly shoved it into his mouth. He chomped down and within a second blood started dripping from the corners of his mouth. The glass capsule had sliced his gums open, activating the cyanide to go into his bloodstream. His face was filled with terror. This was his first night with us and he was forced to commit suicide to avoid getting apprehended, or killed on their terms.
I caught a kick to the side of my skull. I stumbled to the ground and swung my sword barely missing the MP who attacked me. I turned onto my back only to see his head lopped off by Rodrick. His precision was so clean and swift and he swiped his body in the other direction with one kick to avoid the spraying of any blood.
He saved my life. I still held my sword out with both hands trembling. He gave me a nod and as soon as he turned to his right toward the tower he was greeted by a Cypherian Oracle with two fistfuls of frost.
Cypherians could use Siels. I had almost forgotten. An Oracle is a rank within The Cypherian League that mainly focused  on the utilization of Siels. It’s surprising that this hadn’t been a complete obliteration. At this point five of us had been taken out and three of them. The one advantage Cypheria had over other armies was their harnessing and employment of Siels, a lost art from the earlier days of humanity.
I kicked away from them both as Rodrick readied his sword. Certainty radiated from his eyes and he let out a cry before jolting forward and leaping towards the Oracle. The MP shot a blast of ice at Rodrick. He quickly deflected it by crossing his sword in front of his face. The MP then pulled a short sword from his hip and twirled the hilt so the blade faced outward. He slid his back leg back and prepared his other hand with more ice. Rodrick landed his sword on the MP's and by some chance he barely flinched. As their blades collided I was up on my feet. I started to lunge forward and I was instantly halted by a blast at my feet.
I could no longer feel them. I fell on my back and dropped my sword. I writhed in pain and tried not to scream and draw attention to myself in this firefight. I looked around for assistance and everyone else was occupied by MP's. Rodrick was tending to the experienced Oracle and I was left alone on the cold plaza floor, but it was better than being dead.
As I began crawling away I heard a painful grunt so I looked back and saw Rodrick on his knees. At that point a sapphire-colored figure leapt through the air and tackled the officer to the ground. It was Lethal. He carefully planned this all along. He dove down from the rafters above and landed on the Oracle, forcing him face first into the ground. I could hear his helmet crack beneath Lethal's heavy boot. He reached down and grabbed the cloth muffler wrapped around the MP's neck and started dragging him down the stairs. The remaining Tyros followed, but Rodrick stayed. He knelt there on the cold tiled pavement  with his hands supporting his weight and his head hanging, breathing rapidly and laboriously.
I still couldn’t stand. I tried to pull myself away before getting picked up by a brute in indigo carrying a large steel sword.
“Harumph. Heeeeeere we go, up and at 'em” he said with a gravelly voice before throwing me over his shoulder. Five of us were left and two of the MP's head retreated back into the tower since we were carrying off their commanding officer.
As I was being lugged away, I glimpsed back to the top of the stairs and saw a graceful figure draped in charcoal gray and dark green descend to the doorway leading into the plaza. He slowly walked toward the MP's opening fire on him and pulled the skinny blade from the sheath on his hip. For as long as I could see him he didn’t stop walking towards them. I couldn’t see his face but I recognized him the moment he was out of sight… that laugh… that demented fucking laugh.

Chapter 2
We were treading the torrential knee deep sewer waters when I heard a call from ahead of us.
“This ain’t gonna work” Lethal said with some force. “They’re going to search up and down and underneath this entire fucking city for their officer. If they, no, WHEN THEY involve the Corps we’ll be outnumbered and fucking dead, lemme tell ya”
At this point we were at a fork in the sewers. The right wing would lead us under the residential district, and the left, would maybe lead us out of the city? I think? Either way, it looked like our best option so as to not get caught by The League.
We began trekking down the other tunnel and a larger guy materialized next to me. Aside from the sporadic splashing of feet I could hear his labored breathing over the brute that was carrying me grunting.
“Ya'lright?” he said with some effort.
I nodded. I tried moving my legs but to no avail they were still paralyzed.
“That Oracle got you good. I could tell he was experienced from the way he was fighting. But Lethal will take care of him no problem” He then extended his hand and gave his name, “Zackui. ” I was in too much pain to honor him with the reciprocated courtesy so he patted me lightly on the shoulder.
“Rain” I said.
“Micheal” the brute bellowed.
We came to a stop where a ladder extended from the floor to a ledge above. Lethal ahead motioned us up after him. With a full grown man over his shoulder he climbed up the ladder with little effort. He disappeared into the dark tunnel but I heard a click. He must have turned on a flashlight attached to his chest. We all followed, with me on my colossal chauffeur lugging me around and luckily for him, I wasn’t dead weight like the unconscious Oracle was.
Once we reached the top I could see nothing but periodic torches lighting the path for a few miles. Zackui spoke up again.
“Do you know where we’re going? I think we’re headed south which would be Bismakin. Dinky old town outside of Cypheria.” Micheal only honored him with a confirmatory grunt. “I’ve been a couple times. It’s mostly farmland and it’s said that a Furion lives there”
That word alone warranted a grunt of disapproval from Micheal.
“Careful with that. We don’t need a witch hunt. The girl is of questionable descent but nothing is known for certain. Anyway, what does that have to do with the price of apples in Budhai?” Zackui gave him a confused look. “The heck does that have to do with ANYTHING?” he continued. “Mind your business”
I felt Micheal pick up his pace along with the others. For a couple miles we were all kind of quiet, with the exception of Laiken’s sporadic outbursts. It was good he was still alive, but he still grinded my gears. Zackui would occasionally check on me, but I was fine. Aside from my pride being torn from me and my racing thoughts of “will I ever walk again?”, I was fine.
We finally reached the end with one final torch burning at the bottom of another ladder. I was sick of these fucking ladders everywhere. One by one we ascended up those runged fuckers. Micheal was especially careful with making my ride as comfortable as possible, and of course it wasn’t his fault when he stumbled some in the dark here and there.
A light shone down from above as Lethal pushed open a wooden trapdoor leading to a decently lit homely, wooden room. We all climbed out and was greeted by a humble yet cautious elderly face.
“Greetings” the man said in a raspy voice. “I-I’m sure you’re all tired but it shouldn’t be much longer before you can rest, but I-I am afraid you can’t remain here much longer. To avoid suspicion from the other villagers you’ll all need to exit individually. I-I’ve prepared bags for you all” he pointed at backpacks lining the wall by the front door. “In them you’ll find supplies and your own individual attires. Just be careful when leaving. The Corps could be here within the next hour searching for their officer” he smiled.
“We appreciate it, old man” Lethal said while giving him a gentle pat on the man’s weak shoulder.
“I-I’m just a sympathizer for your cause” he smiled again, showing the laugh lines beside his eyes. “Just be careful. Jeanne and Winger will be here any moment”
Micheal laid me down and grabbed a pack for me. He searched for his own, granted he was considerably larger than the rest of us. Zackui and the others searched through the packs, finding accommodating supplies. Some traded shirts and snacks, while others nervously rummaged through their spoils.
I was given a white low collared shirt and some khaki pants. I struggled putting them on, as I had to lie on my back and stiffen my figure to pull the pants up to my waist. We were all getting prepared when the wooden door slammed open, only to reveal a short stature girl of maybe seventeen years old.
“Alright, fuckers! Git yer shit together cuz we’re outta here” she barked with a southern drawl. Strange accent. Was she from around here? I couldn’t place whereabouts she could possibly be from because I hadn’t been far from either Choma or Cypheria.
A heavy set man in a wifebeater lugging around a ginormous wrench, with his head shaved to the scalp and adorned with a navy blue bandana pushed the girl to the side and flicked her hat down below her eyes. She shoved him and to my surprise, with succession, given her stature and his weight.
“Personal bubble, fatty!” she said while adjusting her bill. “I swear to God you give me claustrophobia sometimes”
The smile grew bigger on the old man’s face. “And now you’ve met Jeanne and Winger”. Lethal stood up with Micheal and they both nodded with smirks on their faces. It was apparent that they had already been acquainted.
“Alright, loves” Lethal said as he grabbed his pack. It rattled with his pauldrons and belts inside. “Follow me. Leave the cabin fifteen seconds apart. Fail to do this and I’m leaving you behind”
He opened the door and casually walked out without surveying his surroundings. A couple tyros followed as Micheal picked me back up. The old man nodded to each member as they exited the building.
“I’m right behind ya, bud” Zackui said. He adjusted the sheath on his shoulder and followed Micheal and me. He opened the door and I felt a slight breeze. We took the path to the right and headed towards a field of freice. I heard a loud rumble and as I looked over the field I saw the freice grains rippling in the wind. A rope ladder hung a hundred feet.
As I looked up I saw a massive airship! A rare luxury in Drakkard, and one rarely utilized even by the Cypheria League. Although it was just one more fucking ladder to climb up, I was excited for the voyage ahead.
At this point Micheal had evidently gotten uncomfortable so he shifted me to ride his shoulders with my legs on either side. This would be easier considering the length of this ladder.
Lethal went first and with little effort he packed the officer up the ladder, which blew me away considering he wasn’t a considerably stocky man. And like before, tyrosine followed behind. Zackui actually took lead in front of Micheal and me and scurried up the ladder with a dorky smile of curiosity brightening his face.
Micheal and I were last. As he put his foot on the second rung the ladder started to retract, speeding up the process. I secured us both by holding onto the rope ladder and as I got closer I saw the crew up top. They were dressed like mechanics in dull navy blue coveralls and caps. They were pulling in each member and helping them on board.
When it was our turn I shifted myself to fall to the floor. I was glad to be on solid ground. A hard, steel ground, but a solid one at that. I pulled myself against a wall a let out a sigh of relief. I looked around and saw a laid back crew and comfortable Northland Liberation members. Even Laiken was winding down. To my left, Lethal was dragging the Cypherian by the collar to the upper level within the airship’s main room. He pulled him to the middle for everyone to see and ripped off his helmet and revealed… her face?
“We captured a fucking woman” he spouted.
“You captured First Lieutenant Sybris Kopral, Charlie Company Commander and Siel specialist. You’ve got a tough cookie on your hands” said a voice coming from the medical bay.
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Corvus. Lupus. Caedes. | Rain Lumakord | The Cypheria League
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