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 Boyle Cade - Cypherian League - Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Boyle Cade - Cypherian League - Chapter 2   Tue May 30, 2017 10:10 pm

Chapter 2

Everything was dark yet I could still see.  Everything was quiet, but I swore I could hear voices, faint but there.  I could see my radio sitting on my big square dresser.  I could see the picture frame with the picture of my sister, my three cousins and myself playing in the fields by the old barn.  Usually there was a slight glow from the direction of the city, but it was more of a greenish blue tint.  This seemed like a flickering red, or orange.  It couldn’t have been fire, everyone was asleep.  I closed my eyes and told myself I was imagining it.
Then a scream broke my slumber.  My heart started to pound as I heard my parents start scrambling through the hallways.  My door swinging open really caught me off guard.
“Grab your sister and run!” My mom screamed as she put her shoes on.  I saw my half-Zemmenian stepfather frantically loading his trusty bolt-action hunting rifle.
“GET TO YOUR SISTER, NOW!” Dad yelled.
I jumped straight up and out of my bed.  Before I could get my sandals on I heard the shatter of glass and an ear-piercing shriek.  I ran straight to her room.  I grabbed the door knob, but it wouldn’t budge.  I turned and I pushed, to no avail.
“Arie!  ARIE! Open your door!” I yelled.
Still nothing.  I was frantic.  I grabbed my grandfathers old machete he had given me the year before.
“Boyle!  HELP! BOYLE!” Arie was gasping for air and screaming my name.
I started to chop at the door.  I heard gunshots from the living room followed by an otherworldly screech.  Dad must have opened fire.
“Arie! Open up!”
I chopped.  I wasn’t making much process getting through the hardwood.  I chopped what felt like forever and finally the door budged.  I kicked the door open and ran into her room.  The window was busted out and I could see three shadowy figures, tall, menacing, running from our house.  I looked around.  Arie was nowhere to be seen.  I could tell there was fire outside.  I could hear it distinctly through the cacophony of screams of anguish.  I could smell it.  Fucking smoke.  I ran and leaped through her now agape window.
“Boyle!  Help me! They have m…”  Arie screamed, but was silenced mid-sentence.  It came from the direction of Aunty Bella’s house.  
“Arie, I am coming.  Fight!  Get out of there!”  I screamed.  Fear was overtaking my body, yet the adrenaline of the situation was fueling my fervor.
I took off sprinting towards the three figures I saw take off from my house.
“Give me back my sister, you BASTARDS!”  I screamed as I lunged towards the closest of the three, catching the back of his heel.  The monster let out a deafening screech.  I realized I had done some damage.  But he swung around and landed a hit to my mid gut, sending me sprawling across the dirt path between our houses.  I struggled to get up as I watched three more tall, slender creatures burst out of my cousin Serai’s room.
“SERAI!!” I screamed.  “SERAI!  Are you okay?!”
No response.
“Arie! Answer me!”
Again, no response.  I mustered everything in me to scramble to my feet and took off sprinting towards the now pile of tall figures, now illuminated by the light of Mrs. Trilba’s house, set ablaze.  I approached them and could hardly see or hear anything other than deep grunts and heavy breathing.  As I came closer I could see them tearing off clothes.
“Get your fucking hands off of them!”  I screamed at the top of my lungs reaching back with the machete, preparing to cut through every last of them.  I swung and caught one of the fucking freaks in the back of its skull, killing it instantly. I went to pull the machete out and ready my next swing as the tall, full grown frame fell backwards.  As it fell I could see glistening blood on his pale, long face.  His ginger red hair fell over his face as he dropped to the ground.  I could tell now what was going on.  They were murdering them.
I readied the machete and swung again, this time catching one in the skull and not budging.  The others turned to me as I heard the gurgling last gasps of my sister Arie as she stretched her hand out to me mouthing the word, “run”.  I noticed that she was missing her ring finger.  The flesh had been gnawed from her skull and her clothes torn off of her 15 year old body.  Bloody hand prints all over her body, blatantly on her breasts and running down her stomach towards her hips.  And Serai next to her, bloody, naked, with both arms ripped from her torso and her privates bloodied from savage rape.  The fucking monsters covered in blood, stood up and faced me.  One of them with Serai’s left arm in his hand, eating it like a forkan drumstick.  I stood, covered in blood splatter, shivering and furious.  Shaking from rage I pulled back prepared to beat them to death bare handed.
The next thing I knew a hand grabbed my wrist and threw me over their shoulder.  They took off away from the freaks, from the bloodbath, and towards the cabin that backed into the woods.  As we left the scene I yelled one last time, hoping that somehow it would change what I had just witnessed.
“Serai! Arie!  I will help you!”
“Shut up, kid.  We are running away and hoping they don’t come to find you.”  The mysterious voice explained.
The mysterious man ran to the door of the cabin and set me down inside, closing the door and locking it behind him.
“Don’t open that door, and don’t make any noise.  If you want to live, that is.”
And off he went.  By this time I realized this was a full on assault.  It was not five or six of these bastards.  It was a full on raid.  I could see 30 or 40 tall, lurking bodies running through the streets and lunging out of homes.  In packs.  And then I saw him.  The mysterious man.  He started to glow, and fire sprung from his hands.  And as quickly as the fire appeared, he was next to a pack of these things and had cut them in half at the waist.  Four of them in one full swing and then he was off to the next group.  He was mowing them down with grace and indiscretion and as soon as it had all begun, it was finished.
Houses were half-burned and in smoldering ashes as the day broke.  The entire village was in shambles.  Families in tears, consoling each other and their own.  The few adults who had served in the war, or without families dragged bloody bodies towards carts, which were then transported to the fire pit at the edge of town.  My mom, in complete disarray, had been crying in the arms of her sister, brother-in-law and my stepfather all night and morning.  They had almost forgotten I was okay.  I was lost.  My big sister and cousin killed right before my eyes and because I couldn’t save them.
I started towards my family when I noticed the man from the cabin picking up some broken glass from by my half standing home.  I, still covered in blood albeit half wiped off, approached him.
“Thank you.  I don’t know who you are.  I don’t know if anyone knows who you are, but thank you.  You saved my life and you kept the village from completely being ruined.”  I mustered.  
He nodded.  In this light I could see a scar on his forehead.  Looked ages old.  His blue eyes seemed to glow as he turned back towards the house, picking up shrapnel from windows.
“Where did you learn…” I started before he cut me off.
“Don’t.  Listen kid, I don’t want to have to leave yet.  I want to help clean this mess those goddamned Furions left behind.  I will help all I can, and I will have to leave before long.  Word travels fast in these parts.  Find me later and we will talk.” His voice was deep.  Deeper than I felt like it should be, but somehow perfect.  Almost like a low hum of a diesel engine in idle.
“I am sorry.” He responded.
I turned my head to his face right as he turned away from me.  I could see as he turned a tear welling in the corner of his eye, breaking free from the force of his sudden turn away.
“Here, help me clean this glass up.  It’s dangerous on the ground.” He grunted and helped me put a leather satchel around my body.
We spent about and an hour and a half picking up small, sharp and potentially dangerous pieces of broken glass from the ground around the few houses in Breave.  We hadn’t spoken a word the whole time.  I didn’t realize it at first but it dawned on me how important it was for us to do this.  No one had anything left to their name, except for what they had on their body, and let’s be honest, that wasn’t much.  They had attacked when we were most vulnerable.  What were they.  I decided I needed to break the silence.
“Uhm, sir?”  I said, “what were those things?”
My question seemed to have been expected, so his response seemed quicker than normal.
“Son, I will tell you what happened last night.  It was unexpected.  It was a Furion ambush.  Furions haven’t been seen on this continent in ages so no one even thought it could be a possiblility.  Not a single person was prepared to fight off an onslaught.”
Furions.  Had I heard of them before?  I feel like I had read something about them in an old book from my stepdad’s belongings.  They were definitely just giant, horrible monsters there was no doubt about that.  But their ginger red hair.  They seemed almost human, and yet as far from it as possible.
“Sir, are they humans?” I tried to ask as politely and humbly as possible.
“It’s hard to say, kid.  Some people say that they are the long lost link between human and beast.  Others say they were just an accident by the hands of God.  There are even some that suggest that the Furions were a curse put onto the world because of mankinds inability to love what we were given.”
“Oh,” I said as I let a sigh out, “I killed a couple of them last night.  Does God think any differently of me now?”
“Listen Boyle, that’s your name right?” He asked.  I nodded immediately. “I am not God.  I wouldn’t be able to handle that responsibility.  But I can tell you this.  What you did last night, not a single person will tell you that you did wrong by it.  You were doing more for those girls than any person twice your age would have.  You have honor.  You have love.  You have a desire to protect.  You should look into making a career of it.  I think you have what it takes.”
His words reverberated with me.  I have what it takes to protect people?  How could he say that.  Arie and Serai are dead now because I couldn’t protect them.  How can I possibly protect anyone if I couldn’t protect those closest to me?
“Sir, what is your name?” I inquired.
His silent protest echoed through my mind. Why wouldn’t he tell me? What was he hiding? How was I supposed to follow his lead if I didn’t even know his name?
At about that time I heard my mother call my name. I looked up to see my mother and stepfather looking in my direction for the first time since what felt like was a lifetime. They motioned for me to come their direction. I turned to the mysterious man to bid his farewell but he was walking away, towards the edge of the town, to his cabin. I turned and ran towards my parents.
“Son, who is that man that you have been talking to?” my mother asked, with a face that screamed emotional distress. Big, black bags under her, bloodshot yet beautiful blue eyes.
“He never told me his name, mom. But he saved my life last night. He picked me up and removed me from an almost certain death.” I replied, inspecting my mom hoping to see any relief.
“I love you, son.” My mom said, eyes welling again with tears. “I am so sorry I was unable to protect you and Arie. I will never let that happen again. We will be prepared. I promise you that.”
“Boyle,” my step dad started, “we don’t know what to say. What happened last night was an anomaly. It has never happened before. It seems that if it wasn’t for you and that man that things might have been much worse. Will you please go get that man so that we can properly thank him?”
I obliged and turned my body as to run to his house, the only properly standing structure left in the village. Once again, another person crediting me for something I hardly even helped. Why were people trying to say I helped? Before I even recognized it, I was just outside of his home. The lights were off, but I could see a figure inside the home. I knocked on the door and the door popped ajar.
“Come in, Boyle.” The man said quietly, just above a whisper. “I have been waiting for you to come. I must go onto another rural land in hopes to disappear again.”
“But sir, you can’t leave, I have so many questions that I need to ask you. I don’t even know your name.”
“Cade, I will tell you, but you cannot tell anyone here what I am about to tell you. Promise me.”
“I swear.”
“My name is Bastion. I am, er, I was a First Sargent in the Cypherian League. I was administered new age biotech that allowed for me to reach the peak performance of my physical being. I was trained in the art of siels. I was trained on the northern continent of Drakkard. I was a member of the elite, Alpha Company. I believe you have what it truly takes to make it there and to make a true positive impact on the world. I wasn’t cut out for it. I panicked during a raid from a terrorist group and feigned death. The following day my company was nowhere to be found, but I found two of my closest allies dead. I turned my back and made an effort to disappear. That is how I ended up here, after years of jumping from village to village.”
With all he had said, flooding my conscience I didn’t really know what to say.
“Thank you, sir. My family wants to thank you for all that you did. The entire village, even.” I mustered.
“I hardly deserve it. I lost my honor when I turned my back on the League I am but repaying the debt that I owe so many. Let them know I appreciate it but that I must be on my way. That is all.” He solemnly replied. “Now I must make haste. Hand to hand combat is rarely seen on this side of the world so the stories will travel fast.”
Bastion finished packing his belongings as he finished his last statement. He turned to leave out of a previously unnoticed back door, and stopped. He turned to me and looked me dead in my eyes, as if he was speaking to my soul.
“Protect your family. Be the man that I know you truly can be.”
“Thank you, Bastion.”
And just like that he was gone, out the back door and vanished.

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PostSubject: Re: Boyle Cade - Cypherian League - Chapter 2   Wed May 31, 2017 7:58 am

"Some people say that they are the long lost link between human and beast. Others say they were just an accident by the hands of God."

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Boyle Cade - Cypherian League - Chapter 2
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