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 C | Glossary / Terminology

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PostSubject: C | Glossary / Terminology   Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:07 am

Bead – one unit of Odessian currency

Behemespore –

Black Egress –

Blackstar Team - a team within Northland Liberation who acts out covert missions of kidnappings and other doings.

Brimflower - a flower found in the Yldirian Highlands. They are known to grow through even the harshest conditions.

Brutal - a colossal mantis that comes in green and red color variants. Few have been seen in Drakkard but are mostly present in Luxgard. They are known to devastate hordes of common men and small settlements. These prehistoric entities are only matched by true heroes and heavy artillery. They exist mostly in large caverns and open fields close to them.

Buskleberry - a bitter yet sweet fruit that comes in bunches and from bushes. One of its most common forms is in buskleberry pie. It is favored by many throughout Drakkard, and wherever accessible throughout the rest of the world.

Caddythwomp – a long lotus used as a spice in some Drakkardian foods as well as in some teas as a remedy for common illnesses.

Carrit - one unit of Drakkardian currency.

Crown of Teeth - the crown the regent of Eliza wears. It is made of the fallen warlords and soldiers throughout history that he and his precursors have felled. Once thought of us an intimidation tactic, it has become a symbol of vanity throughout the Elizian lineage.

Dalbastion - a City-State located in northeast Drakkard.

Dalbastion Bastards - an elite force within the Dalbastion military that carries out orders that can't be performed by average infantrymen.

Dewgard - the southern continent. Its capital is Rule.

Drakkard - the central continent. Its capital is Cyferia.

Dreadful Apparition - a name given to a giant mecha seen in the sky during times of distress. It is seen as a bad omen as only bad times and events follow it. There have only been three sightings of Dreadful Apparition, one being in Gallowhund, one in Rainfall, and the other in Budhai.

Eder – a colloquial alternative for Gealga’s moon, Serafgard (see Serafgard). Common name given by Kubarons, as they worship it as their idol.

Fallow – colloquial alternative for Dewgard used by what most consider "lowland Dewgardians". Its nickname literally means "sowed but unpregnant land", and its peoples consider it just that. Its nations are sovereign and have remained unaffiliated in the world wars with the except of Rule lending its resources to The Kingdom of Xiel, now known as Cyferia.

Ferocifungus –

Fleagrose – an illegally imported alcoholic beverage processed in Rule. It is made from the fermented seeds of the miyts plant that grows in Dewgard.

Forkan - a crane-like bird with much gristle. Aside from some poor people, nobody really eats Forkan apart from their meaty throats.

Freice – a common wheat in Drakkard and Highgard but present throughout the world that is used to make a variety of dishes.

Furion - a race native to south Dewgard; often referred to as "subhuman" and is looked upon by most cultures and peoples, especially their rivaled Zemmenian people.

Galados – a rich and lush planet a few hundred thousand miles away from Gealga. Cyferia is trying to find a way to communicate with it in case there are inhabitants that can help and fend off Xefia.

Gallows - the general area in which Gallowhund resides. The climate is very wet, cold, overcast and precipitation is high. The general population speaks Gealgic, the world’s oldest language, an equivalent to the real-life German language.

Gealga – the world’s namesake.

Gigandet - a sub-race of giant-like humans of sturdy stature that average around eight to nine feet tall. Although some people remain with Gigandet heritage and reports of Gigandets throughout the last century, none have been recorded.

Greensweet - a grass that grows in Dewgard that causes hunger and sometimes delirium. It is used for recreational purposes.

Gulen - Gallowhund & Luthgandt currency

HELIX - an independent biotechnological research team within Cyferia. They are known make questionable contracts with anyone willing to pay their price. HELIX knows no moral bounds when it comes to the evolution of technology.

Helus - a subversion of Siels that utilizes the power of the sun; used exclusively by the Lamora

Highgard - the eastern continent. Its capital is Skyline but more importantly through the cooperation of the Highgard Confederacy.

Highgard Confederacy - a unity between the states of Skyline, Rainfall, Luthgandt, and Winmaroon.

Human - the common race of Man throughout the world.

Hyper - an illegal substance distributed throughout Cyferia. Once manufactured by HELIX and now imitated by lowlifes in The Backyards as well as syndicates within Overlord.

Ica - extinct tribe native to Drakkard; once governed wind and sky before God reformed the planet

Igni Team -

Impulse Elite - a prestigious rank within NL reserved for the fittest members within the
Jadora Island - an island off the southern coast of Dewgard.

Judge - a position within The Cyferia League Corps that focuses on high defense and high attack, and due to their size and gear they lack in speed and dexterity. They use larger guns and rifles and oftentimes greatswords, zweihanders, and large hammers.

Jumper - a rank within The Rabbits that attaches themselves to spring-loaded and pneumatic leg modifications that allows them to jump great distances and over high walls.

Kingdom of Ceda – the previous state of Cyferia. For centuries, the sovereign kingdom stood in Drakkard. The Cyferia League became a movement that sought out industrialization and reform starting in Drakkard and later became the heart of the continent.

Kolossalfant - a large mammal with tusks that can reach up to 80 feet tall. They are present in Luxgard, and were used in the Sonnemond War between the Lamora and Kubarons. Since the war's end, they have roamed freely throughout Luxgard and have risen in population. A small number of Kolossalfants exist outside of Luxgard, as some are present in Highgard and Drakkard and utilized for trading routes.

Kubaron - a doglike humanoid race that was exclusively present in Luxgard. While susceptible to magick, they compensated with ferocity and passion. They went extinct in the year 513 P.D. after a millennium long war with the Lamora.

Lamora - a race exclusive to Luxgard, and none are known to exist on any other continent. They are taller in stature and have a unique Siel capability: Helus.

Lark - an alcoholic drink imported from the Jadora Islands.

Luxgard - the western continent. It no longer has an official capital but a worthy candidate would be Matilda.

Maylich’s Fever - a disease that struck Gallowhund in 520AG, killing a large amount of its people.

Miyts - a plant that grows in Dewgard, specifically around Rule and District:Akkad. If fermented, it becomes fleama, a drink that is illegal in Cyferia and Odessa.

Module - a system designed by The Cyferia League that generates electricity through means of Uetherite

MP – military policeman; sentry unit within The Cyferia League

Mushpuff –

NL – informal term for Northland Liberation.

Northland Liberation – a terroristic faction within Drakkard. They seek the downfall of The Cyferia League and all forms of reformation within Drakkard. They are in support of the Kingdom of Xiel and want to bring Drakkard back to its previous state.

Northmoor –

Oracle - a position within The Cyferia League Corps that focuses on high attack via Siels. Very seldom do they use melee weapons as they are trained to call upon Siels as their offensive, and firearms if need be.

Orein - a stag present throughout the world that is used for transportation. People have utilized these creatures as mounts for centuries and have domesticated them as farm animals, battlestags, and other uses.

Oshilderin – the highest known power in the universe. Oshilderin is also known to be the creator of everything in existence. From what is told, passed down through legends, history books, songs, etc. he takes on the appearance of a white dragon with twenty four legs and is several miles long. He is not known to be present in the world anymore as no interference has been recorded since 4058AG. It is said that Man defied him by industrializing Drakkard, the heart of the world he created himself, so he left out of spite and anger. His departure was the start of the P.D. era.

Overlord - a criminal group that distributes Hyper, a performance-enhancing drug as well as illegal and oftentimes stolen firearms. They are also known to sell stolen Cyferian technology.

Owl Women – a species of fiends surrounding Gallowhund. They practice dark arts and while they might seem sentient and wise, they are not human.

P.D. – the era signifying “Post Departure”; a time in recorded history after Oshilderin left Gealga and the Siel Dragons were felled by Man.

Pale White Horse (PWH) -

Porgun - a type of swine that is red and more tender than its common counterpart. Docile

Queen’s Lament - a flower that has the medicinal capability to heal almost any ailment. Unfortunately, it only grows randomly and sporadically and cannot be harvested.

Red King – Skyline currency

Sapphire Elite - a rank within NL

Serafgard - Gealga’s moon, which is a few thousand miles away from the planet. It is only reachable by airship, and is rich with Uetherite. It’s mainly covered in snow and ice and has outposts by Cyferia, Highgard Confederation, and Xefia.

Seragui - speaks Edernesh. Accents resemble French. Reside on Serafgard and although Seragui is more of an ethnicity, the population is mainly made up of biologically human peoples.

Sheeba - extinct tribe native to Drakkard; once governed water before God reformed the planet

Siel - a natural magick granted to a select few in Drakkard by God himself. Yldirians can naturally utilize it, the Lamora can use Helus exclusively, and others must hone their ability to use it. Cyferia has been developing technology to manipulate it through those who were previously unable to perform it.

Siren - an Elite force within The Cyferia League made up of supersoldiers. They are well-trained with Siel usage and are proficient with swords and hand-to-hand combat.

Siro - a race that thrived pre-P.D. era and played part in rendering the dragons extinct. They died off in 212 P.D. after living in solitude in refuge from the war, at the hands of Xefian elites.

Steel Armada - a naval battalion within the Xefian Republic.

Suska Fruit - a large melon with a tough exterior and a juicy and sweet interior. It’s very wholesome and filling.

The Backyards -

Thumper - a rank within The Rabbits that specializes in tanking and heavy attacks. They are known for their large hammers and other melee weapons.

Tornado Team - a team within NL that carries out kidnappings and tortures.

Tyro - initiate rank within NL; grunt

Uetherite - precious material throughout the world; one of the hardest known substances used for farming, combat, construction, etc. and also is used by The Cyferia League for technological development.
Uktena - a subnautical beast that lives between Drakkard and Luxgard in the Sea of Hellwaters. Rumored to be millennia old and responsible for the death of thousands of sailors, merchants, soldiers, and others.

Watchman - a position within The Cyferia League Corps that rely on ballistics and swordsmanship, with medium defense and medium attack. They are trained to be swift and precise. While most Watchman are armed with rifles and firearms, all are trained to use sword and hand-to-hand combat.
Xefian Republic – the government, establishment, and the collective of people within Xefia.
Yldirian – a sub-race that originated in the snow lands in the north that naturally have Siel abilities without the need to practice, honing, or bringing them about through extensive training
Zemmenian - a sub-race and a descendant of humans that originate from Zemme. They have evolved to be more hydrodynamic and have adapted to live in the wetlands.


Albatross –
August –
Barrier –
Basilica –
Bismakin –
Breave –
Budhai –
Bugoren –
Caribou –
Choma –
Cutthroat's Bargain –
Cyferia – central city in Drakkard that rests in place of the remains of The Kingdom of Ceda. It is the capital of Drakkard, and home of The Cyferia League.
Dikarma –
Dinheim Province –
District:Akkad –
Doakes –
Domain of Eliza – It is the only dominion in Drakkard that has no Cyferian involvement. It is sovereign in every sense of itself.
Drownburgh –
Drugrude –
Fort Burnston –
Fort Gwynn –
Fulkurt –
Gallowhund – a cultured city within Highgard. Its people speak Gealgic
Garter –
Gazul –
Grady –
Griffet –
Hohorubu –
Hops –
Judhai –
Kingdom of Ceda –
Limestone –
Lucem –
Luthgandt – a more welcoming city adjacent to Gallowhund
Matilda –
Muttonkamp –
Nergelfast –
Nithgoth –
Northern Shore –
Odorn –
Odessa –
Parish of Bettnarim –
Port Collier –
Quartz –
Rainfall –
Rejavarnjoc –
Rule –
Sheeba Lake –
Skyline –
Strawberry Hill – a settlement north of Gazul
Sunflower –
Thorngate –
Traigbath –
Verdeau –
Whitelaw –
Willow's Plume –
Winmaroon –
Xefia – an ancient kingdom north of Drakkard. While ancient, it has become modernized. It sits within a spire in the middle of the ocean.
Yarborough –
Zemmen –
Zizioroba –
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C | Glossary / Terminology
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