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 Glossary / Terminology

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PostSubject: Glossary / Terminology   Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:07 am

Blackstar Team -

Buskleberry -

Cypheria - central city in Drakkard and the capital for The Cypherian League

Dewgard -

Drakkard -

Fallow - colloquial alternative for Dewgard

Fleama - an imported alcoholic beverage processed in Rule

Forkan -

Freice -

Furion - a race native to south Dewgard; often referred to as "subhuman" and is looked upon by most cultures, especially Zemmenian

Gallows -

Gealga -

Gorrack -

HELIX - an independent biotechnological research team within Cypheria

Helus -

Highgard -

Highgard Federation - a unity between the states of Skyline, Rainfall, Luthgändt, and Winmaroon.

Human -

Hyper -

Ica - extinct tribe native to Drakkard; once governed wind and sky before God reformed the planet

Ignis Team -

Impulse Elite - a prestigious rank within NL reserved for the fittest members within the

Judge - a position within The Cypheria League Corps that focuses on high defense and high attack. Due to their size and gear they lack in speed and dexterity.

Kubaron - a doglike humanoid race exclusive to Luxgard. While susceptible to magick, they compensate with

Lamora - a race exclusive to Luxgard. They are taller in stature and while they do not have Siel capabilities, they use Helus, energy harvested from the sun, to carry out attacks.

Luxgard - the western continent

Module - a system designed by The Cypheria League that generates electricity

MP - military policeman; sentry unit within Cypheria

NL - informal term for Northland Liberation

Northland Liberation -

Oracle -

Owl Women -

Porgun -

Sapphire Elite -

Sheeba - extinct tribe native to Drakkard; once governed water before God reformed the planet

Siel - a natural ability granted to a select few in Drakkard by God himself. Yldirians can naturally utilize it, while  

Siren -

Steel Armada - a battalion within the Xefian Nation.

Suska Fruit -

Tornado Team -

Tyro - initiate rank within NL; grunt

Uetherite - precious material throughout the world; one of the hardest known substances used to farming, combat, construction, etc.

Uktena -

Watchman -

Xefia -

Yldirian -

Zemmenian -
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Glossary / Terminology
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