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 Rain Lumakord | The Cypheria League | MP | Chapter II

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PostSubject: Rain Lumakord | The Cypheria League | MP | Chapter II   Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:20 pm

Chapter 2
We were treading the torrential knee deep sewer waters when I heard a call from ahead of us.
“This ain’t gonna work” Lethal said with some force. “They’re going to search up and down and underneath this entire fucking city for their officer. If they, no, WHEN THEY involve the Corps we’ll be outnumbered and fucking dead, lemme tell ya”
At this point we were at a fork in the sewers. The right wing would lead us under the residential district, and the left, would maybe lead us out of the city? I think? Either way, it looked like our best option so as to not get caught by The League.
We began trekking down the other tunnel and a larger guy materialized next to me. Aside from the sporadic splashing of feet I could hear his labored breathing over the brute that was carrying me grunting.
“Ya'lright?” he said with some effort.
I nodded. I tried moving my legs but to no avail they were still paralyzed.
“That Oracle got you good. I could tell he was experienced from the way he was fighting. But Lethal will take care of him no problem” He then extended his hand and gave his name, “Zackui. ” I was in too much pain to honor him with the reciprocated courtesy so he patted me lightly on the shoulder.
“Rain” I said.
“Micheal” the brute bellowed.
We came to a stop where a ladder extended from the floor to a ledge above. Lethal ahead motioned us up after him. With a full grown man over his shoulder he climbed up the ladder with little effort. He disappeared into the dark tunnel but I heard a click. He must have turned on a flashlight attached to his chest. We all followed, with me on my colossal chauffeur lugging me around and luckily for him, I wasn’t dead weight like the unconscious Oracle was.
Once we reached the top I could see nothing but periodic torches lighting the path for a few miles. Zackui spoke up again.
“Do you know where we’re going? I think we’re headed south which would be Bismakin. Dinky old town outside of Cypheria.” Micheal only honored him with a confirmatory grunt. “I’ve been a couple times. It’s mostly farmland and it’s said that a Furion lives there”
That word alone warranted a grunt of disapproval from Micheal.
“Careful with that. We don’t need a witch hunt. The girl is of questionable descent but nothing is known for certain. Anyway, what does that have to do with the price of apples in Budhai?” Zackui gave him a confused look. “The heck does that have to do with ANYTHING?” he continued. “Mind your business”
I felt Micheal pick up his pace along with the others. For a couple miles we were all kind of quiet, with the exception of Laiken’s sporadic outbursts. It was good he was still alive, but he still grinded my gears. Zackui would occasionally check on me, but I was fine. Aside from my pride being torn from me and my racing thoughts of “will I ever walk again?”, I was fine.
We finally reached the end with one final torch burning at the bottom of another ladder. I was sick of these fucking ladders everywhere. One by one we ascended up those runged fuckers. Micheal was especially careful with making my ride as comfortable as possible, and of course it wasn’t his fault when he stumbled some in the dark here and there.
A light shone down from above as Lethal pushed open a wooden trapdoor leading to a decently lit homely, wooden room. We all climbed out and was greeted by a humble yet cautious elderly face.
“Greetings” the man said in a raspy voice. “I-I’m sure you’re all tired but it shouldn’t be much longer before you can rest, but I-I am afraid you can’t remain here much longer. To avoid suspicion from the other villagers you’ll all need to exit individually. I-I’ve prepared bags for you all” he pointed at backpacks lining the wall by the front door. “In them you’ll find supplies and your own individual attires. Just be careful when leaving. The Corps could be here within the next hour searching for their officer” he smiled.
“We appreciate it, old man” Lethal said while giving him a gentle pat on the man’s weak shoulder.
“I-I’m just a sympathizer for your cause” he smiled again, showing the laugh lines beside his eyes. “Just be careful. Jeanne and Winger will be here any moment”
Micheal laid me down and grabbed a pack for me. He searched for his own, granted he was considerably larger than the rest of us. Zackui and the others searched through the packs, finding accommodating supplies. Some traded shirts and snacks, while others nervously rummaged through their spoils.
I was given a white low collared shirt and some khaki pants. I struggled putting them on, as I had to lie on my back and stiffen my figure to pull the pants up to my waist. We were all getting prepared when the wooden door slammed open, only to reveal a short stature girl of maybe seventeen years old.
“Alright, fuckers! Git yer shit together cuz we’re outta here” she barked with a southern drawl. Strange accent. Was she from around here? I couldn’t place whereabouts she could possibly be from because I hadn’t been far from either Choma or Cypheria.
A heavy set man in a wifebeater lugging around a ginormous wrench, with his head shaved to the scalp and adorned with a navy blue bandana pushed the girl to the side and flicked her hat down below her eyes. She shoved him and to my surprise, with succession, given her stature and his weight.
“Personal bubble, fatty!” she said while adjusting her bill. “I swear to God you give me claustrophobia sometimes”
The smile grew bigger on the old man’s face. “And now you’ve met Jeanne and Winger”. Lethal stood up with Micheal and they both nodded with smirks on their faces. It was apparent that they had already been acquainted.
“Alright, loves” Lethal said as he grabbed his pack. It rattled with his pauldrons and belts inside. “Follow me. Leave the cabin fifteen seconds apart. Fail to do this and I’m leaving you behind”
He opened the door and casually walked out without surveying his surroundings. A couple tyros followed as Micheal picked me back up. The old man nodded to each member as they exited the building.
“I’m right behind ya, bud” Zackui said. He adjusted the sheath on his shoulder and followed Micheal and me. He opened the door and I felt a slight breeze. We took the path to the right and headed towards a field of freice. I heard a loud rumble and as I looked over the field I saw the freice grains rippling in the wind. A rope ladder hung a hundred feet.
As I looked up I saw a massive airship! A rare luxury in Drakkard, and one rarely utilized even by the Cypheria League. Although it was just one more fucking ladder to climb up, I was excited for the voyage ahead.
At this point Micheal had evidently gotten uncomfortable so he shifted me to ride his shoulders with my legs on either side. This would be easier considering the length of this ladder.
Lethal went first and with little effort he packed the officer up the ladder, which blew me away considering he wasn’t a considerably stocky man. And like before, tyrosine followed behind. Zackui actually took lead in front of Micheal and me and scurried up the ladder with a dorky smile of curiosity brightening his face.
Micheal and I were last. As he put his foot on the second rung the ladder started to retract, speeding up the process. I secured us both by holding onto the rope ladder and as I got closer I saw the crew up top. They were dressed like mechanics in dull navy blue coveralls and caps. They were pulling in each member and helping them on board.
When it was our turn I shifted myself to fall to the floor. I was glad to be on solid ground. A hard, steel ground, but a solid one at that. I pulled myself against a wall a let out a sigh of relief. I looked around and saw a laid back crew and comfortable Northland Liberation members. Even Laiken was winding down. To my left, Lethal was dragging the Cypherian by the collar to the upper level within the airship’s main room. He pulled him to the middle for everyone to see and ripped off his helmet and revealed… her face?
“We captured a fucking woman” he spouted.
“You captured First Lieutenant Sybris Kopral, Charlie Company Commander and Siel specialist. You’ve got a tough cookie on your hands” said a voice coming from the medical bay.
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Rain Lumakord | The Cypheria League | MP | Chapter II
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