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 B | History & Timeline

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PostSubject: B | History & Timeline   Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:59 pm

1103 –
• The Ica tribe dies off

2701 –
• The Sheeba tribe dies off

3510 –
• The Lamora of Matilda wage war against the Kubarons of Kuba-Kuba in Luxgard after migrating their Holy City of Matilda onto their lands due to their belief of it being the birthplace of Candela.

4049 –
• Prophet Licht rises to power

4057 –
• Legendary Hoen Barger embarks from Butler on his journey

4058 –
• Oshilderin leaves Gealga; Hoen puts the Siel dragons to rest

P.D. :

1 –
• Drakkard’s citizens waste no time to congregate and build a kingdom to reside in

5 –
• Hoen slays Prophet Licht

10 –
• The Kingdom of Ceda is born

21 –
• Legendary Hoen dies

212 –
• Siro race goes extinct.

272 –
• A port is constructed to honor the Royal Collier Family of Dinheim. It is denominated as "Port Collier", and is used as a reception amidst the trade route to Gazul. This creates jobs for the Gigandet people, and creates an abundance of resources for peoples along the west coast of Drakkard.

331 –  
• Prince Joss Chelsa is born in Griffet Province on April 12, 331.

335 –
• Lord Haryld Chelsa of Griffet is assassinated by Dalbastion spy Hughes Cabbin on June 3, 335 PD.
• Perry Scellworth, Lord Haryld's Hand, rides to Willow's Plume with Joss to seek protection for the young boy. He is left with his aunt Judeth Mirth, to be raised in a bakery.
• The Dalbastion Bastards ride to Griffet and lay it under siege on June 5, 225 PD.
• Chapel of New Kindling, a chapel honoring Elphemira, an idol in Highland renown for free-thinking and the appreciation of arts & the middle class, is set aflame by the Dalbastion Bastards and their efforts are cheered by Elagacirian zealots known as Light Disciples, for being sacrilege and bordering their lands. A new church, The Following of Litch is erected.
• People of Dinheim and Bettanarim are at a civil unrest. The Royal Family of Dinheim, the Colliers, grant outlying people and those seeking refuge sanctuary. A band of bandit knaves hailing from  given the title "Doughty Flock" use this as a ruse to infiltrate an siphon resources from Dinheim. Upon noticing, Dinheim throws out all males aged twelve and older to the streets. This creates a covey of miscreants and a spike in crime throughout the surrounding hills, forests, and hollows.
• The Riverbed Fellows, a band of skilled pillagers, looters, and rogues subdue a small village by the name of Verdeau. Dinheim, having its plate full, hires The Miasma Knights, an esteemed company of mercenaries and sellswords to take out The Riverbed Fellows and restore the village to its previous state. Following the success of the retaking, they are renown for their honest work and are on retainer by Dinheim Province.
• The Parish of Bettanarim is visited by Ori-Pori noblemen and is offered porgun, a rich and fatty swine from the Yaserian Isles, in exchange for friece, Drakkard's highly-regarded wheat.
• The Kingdom of Ceda ceases imports of goods and resources to the City-State of Dalbastion.
• The Dalbastion Bastards ride to the Parish of Bettanarim to offer allegiance to Duke Olinus in exchange for halting trades with Dinheim; Bettanarim yields after ceaseless threats from Dalbastion.
• Due to the reclusive nature of the Domain of Eliza, a diplomat from Dalbastion is refused. The Kingdom of Ceda is notified.
• Ceda catches wind of dalbastion's overreaching hands and pattern of encircling attempts of territorial gain, so a Baphomet slays Dalbastion official Zubrute Doreat during a jousting event within the walls of the Kingdom of Ceda. War is declared between Ceda and Dalbastion.
• The Foot-Soldiers of Morning Sky ambush a battalion of Cedan infantrymen in the Starving Wolf Forest.
• Dalbastion continues to spread its reign to nearby villages and settlements; Dalbastion sends a battalion of soldiers to the Ceda waterways to infiltrate the city without notice. They are noticed by Yehuda, a Baphomet, who kills them on sight.
• On August 21, 335 Ceda launches an attack of 1,000 men on Dalbastion.
• Eliza comes to Ceda's aid; Xefia sides with Dalbastion and offers the City-State with gold and resources; Choma remains unaffiliated and offers sanctuary to any disbanded soldiers or battalions
• On September 8, 335 Foxhunter, Altercauss, and Amarcatune disembark in Port Collier after being sent on a diplomatic mission to Rule.

336 –

337 –
• Lord Thomas of Dalbastion orders his soldiers to take Fort Gwynn and garrison it; The Battle of Fort Gwynn takes place, with The Kingdom of Ceda as the victor; Fort Gwynn falls

338 –

339 –
• Rule sends 10,000 soldiers to fight for The Kingdom of Ceda as well as weapons to fight off all adversaries

340 –
• the Red Baphomets ride to Dalbastion and take it by force with the 30,000 man army they accumulated; City-State of Dalbastion surrenders and the war is ended

513 –
• the Lamora defeat the Kubarons after a millennium long war, rendering them extinct

520 –
• Gallowhund is stricken by Pale White Horse.

650 –
• Rule withdraws its reign from the surrounding lands and builds a wall around its capital, officiating the city of Rule

696 –
• The Nentis Empire harness the power of Uetherite and powers its city with it

741 –
• The Kingdom of Ceda sends spies to Nentis Empire on diplomatic mission to learn of technological advances

770 –
• The Kingdom of Ceda refuses to give territory to Xefia; Xefia Dominion declares war against The Kingdom of Ceda

776 –
• Xefia Dominion shows mercy for The Kingdom of Ceda on the terms that it gives up all rights of sovereignty; The Kingdom of Ceda is disbanded

777 –
• The remains of The Kingdom of Ceda are cleaned up and production starts for a new city. What remains of the kingdom is simply called Ceda

790 –
• Nomads migrate South of Ceda and Bismakin rises where Fort Gwynn once stood

799 –
• Half of the Nentis Empire becomes Skyline, the other half branches off to the northeast due to political differences and establishes the city of Rainfall

806 –
• Soldiers of Rainfall are captured and slaughtered by Skyline operatives; imports to Rainfall are seized by Skyline

813 –
• Rainfall surrenders to Skyline as they become sister states and establish the Highgard Confederation as Luthgandt and Winmaroon follow suit

815 –
• Skyline develops first M.A.V. (Mechanized Armor Vehicle) prototype

824 –
• Skyline mass produces M.A.V. units

878 –
• Ceda’s government undergoes reform and is declared Cyferia; Cyferia is under probationary contract with Xefia; remains of City-State Dalbastion is renamed Odessa

880 –
• BioSiel Analytics is funded and becomes operational

884 –
• In Cyferia, the power of Uetherite is harnessed and used to make technological advances, such as powered generators, lights, etc.

895 –
• Cyferia becomes dependent on the power of Uetherite

899 –
• Northland Liberation is officially recognized in Choma

800 –
• Xefia demands resources from Cyferia, so Cyferia claims sovereignty as a city-state

906 –
• Robin Mirth is introduced to the Cyferian Council and becomes the face and idol of Cyferia

916 –
• While not official, Choma becomes a facet of Cyferia and advancements are made there

917 –
• LiGore is introduced to the Cyferian Council; Northland Liberation finds its way to Cyferia

919 –
• LiGore slaughters Council members at a council meeting and announces his Premiership. Citizens flock in support, other nations are alarmed
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B | History & Timeline
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