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 History & Timeline

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PostSubject: History & Timeline   Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:59 pm

1103 – the Ica tribe dies off

2701 – the Sheeba tribe dies off

3510 – The Lamora of Matilda wage war against the Kubarons of Kuba-Kuba in self-defense after enduring continuous attacks on their Holy City

4049 – Prophet Litch rises to power

4057 – Legendary Hoen Barger embarks from Butler on his journey

4058 – Oshilderin leaves Gealga; Hoen puts the Siel dragons to rest

P.D. :

1 – Drakkard’s citizens waste no time to congregate and build a kingdom to reside in

5 – Hoen slays Prophet Litch

10 – The Kingdom of Ceda is born

21 – Legendary Hoen dies

335 – Province of Griffet is laid under siege by City-State of Dalbastion; Lord Haryld of Griffet is assassinated by Dalbastion spy; The Kingdom of Ceda halts imports of goods and resources to the City-State of Dalbastion

336 – Dalbastion continues to spread its reign to nearby villages and settlements; Lord Danis of The Kingdom of Ceda declares war against the City-State of Dalbastion; Dalbastion carries out a full-fledged attack on Ceda; Eliza comes to Ceda's aid; Xefia sides with Dalbastion and offers the City-State with gold and resources; Choma remains unaffiliated and offers sanctuary to any disbanded soldiers or battalions

337 – Lord Thomas of Dalbastion orders his soldiers to take Fort Gwynn and garrison it; The Battle of Fort Gwynn takes place, with The Kingdom of Ceda as the victor; Fort Gwynn falls

338 –

339 – Rule sends 10,000 soldiers to fight for The Kingdom of Ceda as well as weapons to fight off all adversaries

340 – the Red Baphomets ride to Dalbastion and take it by force with the 30,000 man army they accumulated; City-State of Dalbastion surrenders and the war is ended

513 – the Lamora defeat the Kubarons after a millennium long war, rendering them extinct

520 – Gallowhund is stricken by Pale White Horse.

650 – Rule withdraws its reign from the surrounding lands and builds a wall around its capital, officiating the city of Rule

696 – The Nentis Empire harness the power of Uetherite and powers its city with it

741 – The Kingdom of Ceda sends spies to Nentis Empire on diplomatic mission to learn of technological advances

770 – The Kingdom of Ceda refuses to give territory to Xefia; Xefia Dominion declares war against The Kingdom of Ceda

776 – Xefia Dominion shows mercy for The Kingdom of Ceda on the terms that it gives up all rights of sovereignty; The Kingdom of Ceda is disbanded

777 – the remains of The Kingdom of Ceda are cleaned up and production starts for a new city. What remains of the kingdom is simply called Ceda

790 – nomads migrate South of Ceda and Bismakin rises where Fort Gwynn once stood

799 – half of the Nentis Empire becomes Skyline, the other half branches off to the northeast due to political differences and establishes the city of Rainfall

806 – soldiers of Rainfall are captured and slaughtered by Skyline operatives; imports to Rainfall are seized by Skyline

813 – Rainfall surrenders to Skyline as they become sister states and establish the Highgard Confederation as Luthgandt and Winmaroon follow suit

815 – Skyline develops first M.A.V. (Mechanized Armor Vehicle) prototype

824 – Skyline mass produces M.A.V. units

878 – Ceda’s government undergoes reform and is declared Cyferia; Cyferia is under probationary contract with Xefia; remains of City-State Dalbastion is renamed Odessa

880 – HELIX is funded and becomes operational

884 – in Cyferia, the power of Uetherite is harnessed and used to make technological advances, such as powered generators, lights, etc.

895 – Cyferia becomes dependent on the power of Uetherite

899 – Northland Liberation is officially recognized in Choma

800 – Xefia demands resources from Cyferia, so Cyferia claims sovereignty as a city-state

906 – Robin Merth is introduced to the Cyferian Council and becomes the face and idol of Cyferia

916 – while not official, Choma becomes a facet of Cyferia and advancements are made there

917 – LiGore is introduced to the Cyferian Council; Northland Liberation finds its way to Cyferia

919 – LiGore slaughters Council members at a council meeting and announces his Premiership. Citizens flock in support, other nations are alarmed
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History & Timeline
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