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 Sophe Yuba | Skyline Armada | Chapter I

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PostSubject: Sophe Yuba | Skyline Armada | Chapter I    Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:24 am

Waves rocked the ironclad beneath me as my comrades and I breezed along our course to a remote island off the coast of Yarborough beneath the overcast and bleak sky. Mist obstructed the view and I couldn't see more than fifteen feet ahead of me but I knew trouble and hardship awaited me at their front doorsteps. My hands shook and from my nose dripped water from the condensation that accumulated on my face. After each bump the warship endured, my shoulder and half my face was met with splashes of saltwater. I tasted it every time I opened my mouth to breathe or speak.
After reaching about 70 miles off the coast we came to a stop. A horn blew and my comrades followed the orders of each commanding officer by climbing into the dinghies that were slowly descending into the water. There were eight in total. Each commanding officer led a battalion of two small boats totaling sixteen soldiers; eight per dinghy.
"We've reports of Maylich's fever in this town. Traigbath is overrun by the affliction and it's our mission to subdue each and every civilian so that we may take them back and quarantine them. They've not been administered the vaccine probably due to being so isolated from other colonies. But you are not to worry. You were given the vaccine upon registration"
We disembarked onto a sandy beach, but the sand wasn't fine. It was clumpy and moist from the rains it almost constantly endured during this time of year. I couldn't imagine much produce growing in this area. I'd reckon the locals must be starved.
Take the children first.

The sun warmed my face and the back of my neck as I stepped out of the shack and onto the grassy plains. We were on a slight incline by a foothill and I could see for miles in all directions but one. It was around 11 o'clock AM by the time I had woken up and my saviors were nowhere in sight.
I trekked to the top of the foothill and sat down with my legs bent in front of me. My mind was numb. No more shock or trauma but I could see their faces. Clutched in the cold embrace of one another in life, and clutched in the cold embrace of one another in death. I took that from them. But that's enough dwelling. I dug my fingers in the soil and grabbed a fist of grass and tore it out of the ground. I looked ahead of me and it was green pastures for miles with the occasional tree here and there on top of the tiny rolling foothills. The rivers smoothly laid themselves across the plains with a quiet and constant movement that kept this lively country so lush.
From what geographic illustrations I've seen of

My belly rumbled. I couldn't hear it over the heavy warm breeze coming from the mountains but I could definitely feel it. Without wearing out my welcome by helping myself out to my hospitable saviors' cache of whatever foods they had in their shack I remained stationary and only thought about meals I missed back home in Highgard.
The landscape here was strange. Animals and fiends ran abundant throughout the lands. The Porgun behind me snorted and wallowed in their sties. I had seen regular swine before but Porgun were kind of rare where I come from. Ahead of me I could see large birds I had never seen or studied before me touch the bases of the clouds. I saw strange salmon-colored hares run about in the fields; not hopping, but running. And instead of bulbous noses and rounded mouths they had elongated snouts and hind legs that averaged around two and a half to three feet long. There was no outrunning those things, I thought.
Bellow the foothill from where I sat was a small pond filled with black and white tadpoles contrasting the silver variants we had back at home in Highgard. Around the shaded trees northeast of me were bipedal fungi. Their bodies white, their caps varying between pink, green, and red being the least common from what I could see.
As much as the land I saw, the wildlife before me that I could actually see was still limited.
Although it was no secret that the wildlife here was different than anywhere else, it was all new to an outsider to me. Such was never taught in our schools. Drakkard was an alien planet to me.

A somewhat familiar voice cooed behind me.
"Son, would you like something to eat? I can't imagine you going all this time without eating a thing"

"I feel bad making this request, but now that you've healed and you're stable, we'll need the bed back for ourselves but we have a hammock placed outside and you're more than welcome to stay there as long as you'd like"
"Oh, and another thing" the old man shuffled to the other side of the shack and reached in a wardrobe and grabbed an outfit from the bottom. It was folded neatly and stashed away obviously for safekeeping. He moseyed over to me and placed it in my hands. I looked down with a side grin on my face and saw the nicely stitched red overhauls. Illuminated by the kettle fire they looked the shade of a brilliant flame.My heart filled with warmth, albeit feeling empty beforehand. "I know you've only been here for two weeks but you'll do us honor by wearing this"
"It was our son's. He won't need the clothes anymore, and we figured it's best you get out of those military fatigues if you're going to stay in this country. You'll stick out like a sore thumb in these scarlet casuals but we'd feel much better knowing you're at least a bit safer out there with these on"

I sat on the hammock outside under the canopy. There was no light pollution and I could see the nebulae blanketing the sky above me. I raised my index finger and shut my right eye to point right at Serafgard, our planet Gealga's moon. You could see it in the southern sky from this side of the world.

As opposed to the comfortable lives the city folk live in Skyline, and I'm sure in Cyferia, this isn't so bad.

I looked directly up from her clunky boots and saw what looked like legs that went on for miles. What an awkward way to be built.
There stood a tall and lanky woman with huge gleaming eyes. She had her red locks braided to the side and draping down her shoulder. One hand was on her hip and the other hung well past her waist as she fidgeted with her digits both sporadically and in strange patterns. Two taps of her index finger on her thumb, three taps with her middle, and two again with her ring finger. Her lower lip hung ajar as she stared at me puzzled. It didn't look like either one of us was going to start talking anytime soon.
I scooted backwards on my behind and she took her own step backwards.

(the great north cave)
(y. 350)
"Purghurst was a warrior for The Kingdom of Xiel, what is now Cyferia. He fought ahead of the front lines, always charging after the enemy. The was the finest warrior this kingdom has ever seen. Spectators cheered him on in the coliseum, his companions hailed his support, his adversaries lamented at his name. For ten years he stood tall at the top of Xiel's ranks, and for ten years he slew thousands of those who opposed him, even King Danis Thornheart. The only thing the man knew in his later years were rage. Xiel's most trusted knights and his previous battalion, the Red Baphomets, cornered him at the peak of the Nurl mountains. There, they ordered 2,000 to charge at his outpost and he slaughtered each and every one of them. It then took all 12 Baphomets to bring Purghurst to his knees. It is said that at that point, he raised his hands to the sky and begged God to lend His strength to him. So he ripped each Baphomet in half with his bare hands with the last bit of energy he had and fell to the ground. One person was able to witness and his testimony is doubted by few. It's reported that a violet light shone upon his body before vanishing.
It's no legend that his spirit manifests within those succumbing to madness and rage. The more powerful they are, the more present he is. He has plagued this earth, more so this continent for six centuries and I do not doubt the forthcoming of Purghurst in our present days. He has slept for several decades now but his slumber will soon be interrupted by the greed and vanity of our current generation. Our narcissism will only summon his rage once again"

The Prince of Rule

The horses' carriage stopped before us and two cloaked men accompanying it stepped down from the
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Sophe Yuba | Skyline Armada | Chapter I
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