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 Belly rumbles sounding like a creaking ship

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PostSubject: Belly rumbles sounding like a creaking ship   Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:30 am

Adorned with red roses in a white chapel hall she weeps adolescent tears onto a granite floor marked with the blood of a thousand mothers’ dead soldier sons
Her lord, dressed in chainmail and bloodstained steel, lies lifeless in a cold pool of his own humanity left behind by his fortunate yet unsaved adversary
Beneath her feet lies a stamped infantryman that once held her heart at the highest high but she is to marry another
Another who still remains human in a kingdom with an unbreached sanctum and a standing army untouched by invasive war-hungry sons and fathers
One whose heart still marches to a steady beat and a beat that resonates soundless in the chamber of her dying, hopeless compassion
To toss her love in a nameless grave atop other forgotten soldiers’ rotten swollen corpses
To think her name was on her love’s last breath
To elide the two family names was her dream but the fantasy is now for naught for the counterpart to her undying ardor is but only a shell, a soon to be vessel for maggots and buzzards to feast upon and keep their bellies full and bloated
And with a kiss upon his blighted lips, she leaves crimson on her own and jabs his dagger into her own abdomen
And with her fingers loosening on the hilt, she leaks her humanity onto him, forsaking a life she once held dear whilst accompanied by her fated and lively lover
Rebuking the lords she faltered and fell prey to her consequences
A future stripped from her by commanding generals and warlords for the sake of selfish territorial gain and advantages
Her life and energy seeped and meshed with the countless pints of sticky cold blood only to join the collective dead bodies around her
Rebuking the lords she gasped and felt her body turn cold as her boiling veins were replaced with icy shards
Rebuking the Gods she tasted air upon her cracked lips one last time
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Belly rumbles sounding like a creaking ship
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